The Yard


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Feb 14, 2021
Dr Guy Gross had one thing in mind.


To give kids a place to play ball anytime of year.


After years of planning and construction, The Yard has finally come to fruition.


Although the facility, located at 138 S 4th in Downtown Salina, has been open and running for nearly a year, pieces were still being put together over the last few months.


First, the indoor batting cages were assembled. Ball players, both baseball and softball, are able to swing away at machine pitched balls adjusted for height, speed, and skill.


A unique attraction to the 6 batting cages is a program called HitTrax. This program has a sensor aimed right over home plate, which clocks the speed of your swing. Animated on a TV monitor is how far your hit ball would go on a real field.


This makes for some pretty awesome homerun derby competitions.


Next, came construction that anyone driving by would look at in wonder. A state of the art, full-size outdoor infield was constructed in the middle of the facility.


Surrounded by netting and turfed artificially, this attribute has a home plate, pitchers mound, bases, and even base lines.


Already, the infield facility has played host to catcher camp, an impromptu 8u softball tournament, and a weekly occurrence of wiffle ball.


Finally, the last piece of this unique-to-Salina facility to be built was the bull pen.


On the south end of the facility sits a state-of-the-art pitching corridor for either baseball or softball.


Once all the bells and whistles were finished, The Yard could finally have their grand opening, complete with peanuts and cracker jacks.


Nearly 100 visitors stopped by for the event, and toured the massive facility.


In addition to the above, guests saw the gift shop featuring Rawlings gear. Balls, gloves, and even Yard apparel.


Chamber of Commerce members, as well as City Commissioners and staff, were also in attendance for the evening. Pitching machines were demonstrated and tried out. Food trucks were available for dinner purchases. Raffle prizes were given away, including memberships to the facility, Chamber Bucks, and an autographed book by motivational speaker Joel Goldberg, Small Ball, Big Results.


More information on The Yard can be found on their Facebook page. You’ll find out about membership perks, single-use facility use, how to get your team out for practice, and special training camps. You’ll also get to know the coaches, who make themselves available for private lessons. These lessons include any field position as well as batting, in both baseball and softball.

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