The Crossroads


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Feb 14, 2021
The Smoky Hill Museum has always done a fantastic job with educating us on the history and importance of the beauty that surrounds us within Salina.


Exhibits including THE 1950’S, women’s suffrage, THE 1960’S, the Civil War, and countless others have enlightened us not only about our world, but also how our small yet feisty town has played a roll in historical events.


The outer walking area of the Smoky Hill Museum continually explores the history of Salina, beginning before its birth when Native Americans still hunted buffalo.


The growth and expansion of our town is told throughout, and one can easily imagine themselves transported to another place in time with the exquisite detail given.


One exhibit that changes every 6 months is the center floor. This room is set aside for exploring the world within a more specific area of time then the generalized exhibits surrounding.


On display this half of the year, is Crossroads: Santa Fe & Iron.


While it is difficult enough to convey history through words and pictures to appeal to the general public, it is even more difficult when the subject is your own backyard.


The Crossroads exhibit beautifully explores the birth and growth of Salina’s oldest street corner, which is also the center of town.


Pictures of buildings that used to be, and some like The Cozy Inn, which still remain.

Explanations on growth and expansion, and even the culprit behind population downfall in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Artifacts gently displayed, encouraging young minds to explore, and seasoned minds to remember.

The Museum has even set up an ice cream parlor. Patrons can tie on an apron, and serve up scoops in realistic fasion. What ice cream sundae would be complete without chocolate sauce and a cherry on top?

The Smoky Hill Museum is located at 211 W Iron Ave in Salina. Hours of operation can be found on their Facebook page.

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