Rolling Hills Zoo Announces Name for Scimitar-horned Oryx Calf


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Feb 14, 2021
Oh Baby! Our little scimitar-horned oryx calf is growing, and now he has a name too! Let us introduce you to Neelix!


These days you can find Neelix spending his time with the herd. Previously he could be found hunkering down low away from his mother, which in the wild would help protect him from predators, and he would only come out of hiding when he was ready to nurse.


Neelix was born with a yellow coat and just a hint of white behind the eyes, while the rest of the adult distinguishing marks were absent. His coat will change to the adult coloration in about 3-12 months. Neelix has started to munch on hay and has even started trying some of his mother, Seska’s, grain.

“My favorite thing has been watching what I call his ‘little nubbins’ or his horns grow,” shared Brooke, RHZ hoofstock keeper. “Born with just a hint of horns, they have continued to grow and are now about 3-4 inches long! These ‘nubbins’ will continue to grow several feet and will curve back into the adults’ distinctive horns. Come check our little calf out before he isn’t little anymore!”

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