RHZ Joey Makes An Appearance


Staff member
Feb 14, 2021
OH BABY! Our little joey is out of the pouch and we are excited to have you welcome our new red-necked wallaby to the Rolling Hills Zoo family!


Our little joey has been nice and cozy in its mother’s pouch for the last 7 months, but now we are witnessing his/her newest milestone as the joey ventures out, exploring its new environment while not straying too far from the safety of its mother. It won’t be long before the joey will be depending less on mother’s milk for nourishment and pouch for safety.


When our young joey is out of the pouch permanently, he/she will be called “young-at-foot”, but will continue to stay close to mother and suckle for another 4-5 months. At this point our joey will get a quick wellness exam from our veterinarian and keeper team and we will be able to reveal the joey’s gender. Stay tuned for that exciting announcement!


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