Red Eyed Tree Frog Now At RHZ


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Feb 14, 2021
Did you know that April is National Frog Month? There is no better time than now to let you in on some great news. The Reptile Building at RHZ now has four new red-eyed tree frogs on exhibit! Isn’t this little guy adorable!

Native to Neotropical rainforests in Mexico, Central America, and Colombia, these gorgeous amphibians sleep by day, stuck to leaf-bottoms, with their eyes closed and body markings covered. When disturbed, they flash their bulging red eyes and reveal their huge, webbed orange feet and bright blue-and-yellow flanks. This technique is called startle coloration, which may startle a predator long enough to give the frog time to spring to safety.

Next time you plan your trip to Rolling Hills Zoo, we hope you’ll hop on over to the Reptile building to check ’em out!

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