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Feb 14, 2021
National Public Safety Telecommunications Week

This week we honor the men and women who answer emergent and non-emergent calls, dispatch emergency resources like fire rescue or police, and render life-saving assistance to the world’s citizens.

The Telecommunications Professionals are the calm voices callers hear when they dial 911. While not on scene they use other cues about environment and callers to assess the situation. They are the eyes and ears for Officers and Fire Department. At the same time in the same place they are dispatching resources to the scene. They provide instructions and directions to first responders responding to the calls. Telecommunicators often stay on the line with the callers to provide life-saving instructions and to keep callers calm and connected.

It’s often said Public Safety Telecommunicators answer calls on the worst day of someone’s life – a house fire, an injury vehicle accident, suicides, not breathing patients – the stress and trauma they absorb in the process can weigh heavily. They are also here to assist with emergencies that turn into the best day of someone’s life such as the birth of a baby.

Many times people don’t know exactly what it is that dispatchers do. This is only a small fragment of what their career entails. They want you to know they will be here for you.