Meet Neelix


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Feb 14, 2021
Oh Baby! What’s in a Name?

Our scimitar-horned oryx calf, born on February 24, 2021, has been named Neelix. You may be asking how and why did the keepers come up with that name?

When our scimitar females arrived at Rolling Hills Zoo last fall they were nameless, so the keepers had the opportunity to name them. Brooke chose Seska and Laura picked Lucy. Now, when the calf was born the keepers wanted to keep the same “name theme” for both the mom and calf. Because Brooke named Seska after a character from Star Trek Voyager, the little calf needed a Trekkie name as well.

After observing the excitement the little calf generated among the staff at the zoo, and seeing his personality blossom, the keepers decided it was perfect to name him after Star Trek’s self-appointed “Moral Officer” and ambassador, Neelix . This Star Trek character is full of personality and flare, and the keepers believe that the name Neelix fits RHZ’s oryx calf perfectly.

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