Guido Van Helten Has Arrived


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Feb 14, 2021
Guido Van Helten is finally in Salina.

After over a year of planning by Travis Young and Eric Montoy, the world famous muralist has arrived for what should be an incredible stay in our town.

To understand where this all started, we must visit the past.

Although born in Salina, Travis Young was raised in the United Kingdom. He moved back to Salina nearly 4 years ago.

While he loves Salina and what the town has to offer, one thing is missing, according to Travis.

An eye catching monument.

While Salina itself may not be used to the artistic form of street art, the audience it carries is vast, with a major tourism drive.

While Travis lived in York, he witnessed just what street art is capable of: reviving and bringing young people into a community.

What Travis is interested in bringing to Salina was not just a simple mural.

Anyone doing a quick internet search will find that the true scope of Salina isn’t searchable.

Just like art, the true beauty of Salina is hidden underground, figuratively speaking.

The purpose of this project is to try to bring in young people, both as tourists, and possible residents.

So, you could say that the entire project isn’t an art project at all, but instead an economic project, with the mural acting a catalyst. Or, an art project with heavy economic undertones.

After a week of spreading the word privately, the funds for this project were completely raised.

It was at this point that Travis contacted Guido Van Helten.

Guido is a world famous muralist, residing in Australia. He travels the globe painting murals on very large structures. His canvasses have included dams, silos, and many more.

The mural Guido will create, and is actually in the process of creating, will be both interactive and beautiful.

The hope is to make Salina a place to stop, instead of a town to drive by.

Travis is also wanting to create a demand for entrepreneurship.

Salina is in a great position to receive such an installment, with two interstates right in our backyard.

The great thing is that the canvas for the Guido installment is already available, and well known within the community.

The canvas chosen is the HD Lee Flour Mill, at 340 N Santa Fe.

Now that Guido is in Salina, he will spend the first 2 weeks taking pictures of places and people that make Salina what it is. It is these pictures from which his design will be inspired.

In total, the project will take 3 months.

His first stop in Salina was the Salina Art Center. Last Wednesday, a private meet & greet was held, just 2 days after his arrival.

Guido took 2 hours saying hello to curious patrons, and said a few words in explanation of his unique passion.

Travis Young took a few moments say thank you to everyone who had helped to make this happen.

The evening was a great success, giving Guido a warm welcome to our town.

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