Gov. Laura Kelly Issues New Mask Order for Kansas


Staff member
Feb 14, 2021
Governor Laura Kelly issued several executive orders on Thursday including a new mask mandate for Kansas.

The governor said the orders help to ensure Kansas can maintain critical pandemic response efforts to keep Kansans healthy, keep businesses open, and keep kids in school.

The orders extend provisions put in place by previous executive orders and include some updated provisions.

“Since the pandemic began, my administration has been laser-focused on supporting and protecting our communities and our economy,” Governor Kelly said. “Extending these orders will ensure that our efforts will not have been wasted, and that Kansans and businesses don’t lose the resources they need to get back to normal.”

Several executive orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic were set to expire on March 31 in conjunction with the expiration of the state of disaster emergency. Senate Bill 40 includes a provision that revoked all executive orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic yesterday, but the Governor retains the authority to re-issue orders under the new process imposed by the bill.

The following orders will generally remain in effect until rescinded or until the statewide state of disaster emergency expires, whichever is earlier: