Downtown Progress


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Feb 14, 2021
When you are in Downtown Salina, don’t just think of Santa Fe Ave, from Elm to Walnut.

The boundaries of Downtown Salina actually stretch from Elm St to Prescott, and 4th St to 8th St.

Historical houses line the border, and within the boundaries of Downtown Salina are small businesses that extend beyond the north/south line of Santa Fe Ave.

The main construction on Santa Fe that began 3 years ago, may have ended over a year ago, but the revitalization it has brought has continued to push the envelope of Downtown Salina.

In 3 short years, we have seen an entire new streetscape built from the underground of Santa Fe up. Buildings have been reconstructed, new businesses have come in. Expansion projects at current businesses are underway.

Barolo Grille opened its doors at 112 S Santa Fe in 2020. Diners have enjoyed a massive wine selection that greets patrons immediately upon entering, and weekly specials that include swordfish, prawn, steak, pork, and so much more.

The backside of Barolo Grille sits on 7th St. Recently, a fence has been added to the patio to eventually include outdoor seating in the eclectic-style atmosphere.


OCCK is a well-known transportation company within north-central Kansas. Currently, their fleet of CityGo busses are housed at 340 N Santa Fe.

Due to the success of their numerous programs, including Get On & Go, 81 Connection, and Paratransit, an expansion project is currently underway.


123 S Santa Fe was once home to the Coin Shop. Coops Pizzeria sat in the back, with Campbell Plaza setting the stage to numerous small concerts, dance recitals, and outdoor fun.

This decades old building is being rebuilt from the ground up.


The Yard, 138 S 4th St, is Downtown Salina’s newest destination. Sporting 5 indoor batting cages, strength training area, a unique HitTrax batting program, and personal trainers, The Yard is a youth baseball and softball player’s dream come true.


A full sized bullpen sits on the southeast corner of the facility, giving your child more pitching practice than they thought possible.

Still under construction, is an outdoor infield within the property. Once completed, every team member will have a place to better their game, just in time for the new season.


Finally for this week, the Salina Educational Automotive Museum of America continues to be constructed at 108 S 4th.


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