Cruise For a Cause


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Feb 14, 2021
Cruise for a Cause is mixing nostalgia with effort.


Cruising Fe was once a right of passage. Once a week, anyone with a license could be found on Santa Fe, taking a car full of anyone who didn’t have a Fe worthy ride up and down the city corridor.


New friends were made. Even today, you might catch a story of how a long married couple met on a Thursday night, cruising Fe.


It’s difficult to say when this weekly occurrence became another chapter in the book of bygone eras. I can speak from experience that it lasted well into the 90’s.


That’s the 1990’s, for anyone reading this under the age of 20.


In today’s world, people can cruise Fe and help out area food charities, all on the same night.

The latest Cruise for a Cause was Friday, May 28. Meridian Media and Nex-Tech Wireless sponsored the event.

Tens of cars, from Classic to brand new, circled Downtown Salina. Ashby House, Salvation Army, Rescue Mission, and DVACK benefited from the food drive, where drivers dropped off canned and boxed food, and cash donations.

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