Artist in Residence completes work at St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church


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Feb 14, 2021
Salina Art Center Artist in Residence Krista Wortendyke hosted a workshop at St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church MADD camp July 6-8, 2021. Camp kids spend time during MADD camp exploring Music, Art, Dance, and Drama.


Wortendyke explains, “After the George Floyd protests in Chicago last summer, many of the storefronts were boarded up. In the Wicker Park neighborhood, these smallish 4×4 pieces of plywood leaned against light posts and bike racks that had messages on them. They felt like they were dropped there anonymously. The project at MADD camp was based on the idea of those boards.”


Wortendyke asked the kids to think about a question they would want to put out into the world if they had a chance to ask anything. “They came up with really thoughtful and amazing questions like – What if racism didn’t exist? Do you bottle up your emotions? What if I change my current situation? The questions were really powerful.”


The questions, painted on plywood boards, are on display at Salina Art Center through July 25. “I could see that the ability to ask questions and know that they were going to go out into the world was important to the kids,” said Wortendyke. “They took the work seriously, and I could see that they were excited to have a voice. Once they’re on display, the campers will make their way to the Art Center to see their work in the show. Many of the kids have not been to the Art Center, so I am hopeful that it will introduce them to the space, and they will become regular visitors.”

Krista Wortendyke’s artwork is displayed at the Art Center as part of Dissonance and Resonance: Four Photographers through July 25, 2021. The public is invited to attend a closing reception featuring guest curator Terry Evans on Friday, July 23, from 5-7 pm. Evans will make remarks at 6.

Dissonance and Resonance is generously funded through the Salina Art Center Endowment Foundation, Greater Salina Community Foundation YW Legacy Fund, Sid & Susy Reitz, McCune Foundation, Middlekauff Foundation, and the Stiefel Foundation.

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