Saline County Health Department Issues Thursday Evening Coronavirus Update

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SALINA – The Saline County Health Department has issued their latest update on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Their full statement is below:

“As of 5 p.m. (Thursday), Saline County has not had a confirmed positive case of COVID-19. Just because no positive cases have been reported through our official channels, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a potential for a positive case to exist within our community. It is possible that a person hasn’t met the requirements for the testing set by KDHE and have been advised by their medical provider to self-quarantine. When a positive case is identified in Saline County, the Saline County Health Department will be the only official source to release that information.

We want the citizens to be vigilant in staying home and away from public places to avoid having to impose formal restrictions on movement. The Saline County Health officer is fully prepared to execute a stay-at-home order.

The largest rumor that we hear is that testing in Saline County is not being done. That is simply not true. Testing is being done in Saline County by the medical providers and Salina Regional Health Center. A test has to be authorized by a medical professional and meet the criteria that they and KDHE have set forth to test. Testing supplies are extremely limited. Our providers have requested more supplies for testing, but so hasn’t every other medical provider in Kansas and the U.S. We know this is frustrating. This is a frustrating, stressful, and trying time for all in our agencies as well as our medical professionals. Please be patient and understand the constraints we are working under that are out of our control.

Several common questions and their answers directly related to symptoms, testing for the virus and requirements for testing have been posted on our website at”

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