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Saline County Food Establishment and Lodging Inspections, March 31 – April 6, 2018

Food Establishment and Lodging Inspections conducted in Saline County by the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Division of Food Safety and Lodging from March 31 through April 6, 2018.

Food safety and lodging inspections are unannounced, and inspection results represent only those conditions found in the establishment at the time of the inspection.

Disclosure: Please remember that any inspection is a ‘snapshot’ of the day and time of the inspection. An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long-term cleanliness of an establishment. Also, at the time of the inspection, violations are recorded, but are often corrected on site prior to the inspector leaving the establishment.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, 2420 S. 9th St. (April 2) Routine Inspection
– Cooked chicken breast inside top of southeast make table had temperatures ranging from 44 to 49 degrees F. Per person in charge, items were put in make table around 10 a.m. on day of inspection. Temperature taken at 1:25 p.m. Corrected on site: moved to walk-in freezer to quick chill. Educated and recommend storing without a pan between cooling unit and holding pan.
– Spray bottle of purple liquid not labeled with common name. Corrected on site: labeled as degreaser.

Fun Foods Snowie (MU), 400 Laura St. (April 2) Licensing Inspection
– No violations.

Russell’s Restaurant, 640 Westport Blvd. (April 2) Routine Inspection
– Potato soup inside hot holding pot had temperature of 143 degrees F since approximately 9 a.m. on day of inspection. Corrected on site: reheated to 168 degrees F and turned up hot holding pot.
– Two knives stored as clean inside bakery area cart had residue on the food contact surface of the blade. Corrected on site: moved to ware-washing to be clean and sanitized.

Scratch Cooking, 336 S. Santa Fe. (April 2) Licensing Inspection
– No violations.

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