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Saline County Food Establishment and Lodging Inspections, April 29-May 5, 2017

Food Establishment and Lodging Inspections conducted in Saline County by the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Division of Food Safety and Lodging from April 29 through May 5, 2017.

Food safety and lodging inspections are unannounced, and inspection results represent only those conditions found in the establishment at the time of the inspection.

BT Asian Market, 1811 S. 9th St. (May 1) Routine Inspection
– No business name on Com Chay Cha Bong, which is packaged in store.
– No net weight on Com Chay Cha Bong, which is packaged in store.
– No test strips available for chlorine sanitizer. Corrected on site: gave approximately 6 inches of test strips and person in charge will buy new roll later on day of inspection.
– Raw Nam sausage stored on shelf above papayas in northwest true reach-in cooler. Corrected on site: moved raw sausage to bottom shelf.
– Bah Tet Dan Thit packaged at Wichita store not labeled with ingredients, weight, common name or store name.

Exceptional Caterers, 219 S. 3rd St. – Suite 300 (May 3) Routine Inspection
– No Violations.

KFC #106, 430 S. Broadway Blvd. (May 1) Complaint Inspection
– Wet wiping cloth setting on counter top next to drive thru pop machine.
– Plastic pans stored as clean on clean dish rack were nested together with water between pans.
– One live roach inside glue trap under reach-in freezer. Corrected on site: moved trap to outside dumpster. Establishment just received reach-in freezer from another store. Establishment has routine pest control and is calling LPCO for service.
– Employee donned gloves without first washing hands and handled buns to be toasted. Corrected on site: employee educated, employee removed gloves, washed hands, and regloved before returning to food prep.
– HVAC vents in prep area by stand mixer covered in dust.
– Ceiling above True reach-in freezer and Henny Penny hot holding cart covered in dust.

Korner Store, 220 W. Crawford St. (May 1) Follow Up Inspection
– Pouches of “Kool-Aid” inside retail door of walk-in cooler not labeled for individual sale, no ingredients on packaging (repeat violation).
– Lights above microwave, slush machine, coffee area and inside walk-in cooler not shielded or protected. (repeat violation).
– Cases of sausage egg biscuits setting directly on floor inside walk-in cooler (repeat violation).

Pilot Travel Center #903, 1944 N. 9th St. (May 1) Routine Inspection
– No allergens listed on potato salad, which was packaged commerically. Corrected on site: labeled.
– Coffee machine cleaning tablets stored on top of storage container used for coffee in convenience store beverage area cabinet. Corrected on site: moved chemical to opposite side of cabinet away from coffee container.
-No ingredients on potato salad, which was packaged commercially. Corrected on site: labeled.
– Dishware used for heating in prep area of convenience store was drying on top of dirty dish drying mat. Corrected on site: moved to warewashing and educated.
– Pink liquid inside single use foam hot drink cup not labeled with contents under handwashing sink in convenience store food prep area. Per person in charge, cup contains soap and was disposed of.
– Ice scoops stored inside plastic stored container of slimy water by pop machine. Corrected on site: moved to warewashing to be cleaned.
– Dishwasher dipped clean dishware in sanitizer for approximately 3 seconds, then back into rinse water. Corrected on site: educated and dishware was sanitized for 60 seconds in 300 ppm quaternary ammonia.

Repco, 1835 E. North St. (May 3) Routine Inspection
– No Violations.

Salina Christian Academy, 1009 Highland Ave. (May 3) Routine Inspection
– Uncovered container of tomatoes and uncovered pan of dinner rolls for self service setting on table next to steam table. Corrected on site: moved tomatoes and dinner rolls under sneeze guard of steam table.

Taqueria Fresnillo, 211 W. Cloud St. (May 3) First Operational Inspecton After Licensing
– Metal pan of packaged raw chorizo setting on top of container of fresh chopped onions inside east reach-in cooler. Corrected on site: moved raw chorizo to bottom of reach-in cooler.
– Cut fresh onions and peppers stored inside Sterlite plastic shoe box type containers inside east reach-in cooler Corrected on site: using up product and will line other container until new containers can be bought.
– Green sauce cooling inside west reach-in cooler in large plastic container is tightly covered. Corrected on site: removed lid to allow for cooling.
– Cooked carne date marked as made April 25. Per person in charge, was put in freezer on April 25 and removed from freezer on April 27. Seven days would have been May 2. Corrected on site: disposed as out of date.
– Unisex toilet room trash receptacle not covered.
– Spray bottle of pink liquid on front handwashing sink not labeled with common name. Corrected on site: labeled sanitizer.

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