USD 305 Announces Change to Elementary School Schedule

SALINA – Salina USD 305 elementary students will be on-site every day and grades 6 through 12 will continue hybrid beginning Tuesday, September 8. This change is based upon gating criteria released by the Saline County Health Department.

The gating criteria, applied to USD 305, can be found on the district website, The webpage names the learning model under which USD 305 will operate.

“Our families are working to balance keeping their children safe and learning while they maintain jobs,” said Linn Exline, superintendent. “We know it is important for them to have as much notice as possible before moving to a different learning environment.” The district sent an email and text to parents informing them of the announcement.

Any future changes to the district’s learning model will depend upon the guidance from the Salina County Health Department and the status of COVID-19.