Salina Doctor Offers Advice on Prevention of Coronavirus

A Salina doctor took to social media earlier this week to give the community some advice regarding the prevention and spread of illnesses, including coronavirus.

In his statement, Salina Regional Health Center’s Emergency Room Medical Director, Dr. Sean Herrington said:

“With our community health resources still busy with influenza season, and with coronavirus spreading across the country, please note:

Wash your hands. Don’t shake hands. Wipe down grocery carts. Wear a mask if you are sick.

Know that the ER has gone on limited visitors effective immediately. Only one non-sick immediate family member per patient, including children.

Try to stay home and treat non-life threatening symptoms such as fever, congestion, and cough at home. Self quarantine if possible.

If you feel you have traveled to a coronavirus endemic area or been exposed to a KNOWN POSITIVE patient, call your doctors office or urgent care clinic prior to showing up to be tested.

There is excellent information at KDHE or CDC websites.

Stay healthy!”