Protest Planned at City-County Building Monday Afternoon.

SALINA – A demonstration and protest in support of abolishing the 1033 program and the clear discrepancies in the Police Advisory Review Board is set to take place today.

According to a media release, the demonstration and protest will take place from 3 to 5 p.m., during Monday’s Salina City Commission meeting, at the City-County Building, 300 W. Ash.

Local artist Priti Gulati Cox and organizer Miranda Bachman say this will be a peaceful protest and demonstration in lieu of being inside due to COVID-19. The event is open to the public. Cox is inviting others to demonstrate support for the proposal made by a local group.

The local group will peacefully protest will they say are two injustices:

  • The 1033 program the Salina Police Department is currently enrolled in and, and according to protest organizers is being used to buy militarized weapons.
  • The current Advisory Review board for the Police Department, which Cox and Bachman say is ineffective and have clear conflicts of interest.

“The pandemic isn’t separate from local problems,” Cox said. “The global response to what’s happening in America shows that the victims of unaccountability are the same the world over. The response to the pandemic and the knee of the State on the neck of non-whites in this country has simply cracked the hypocrisy of American Democracy wide open.”

Anyone wanting to participate is encouraged to bring signs and meet on the southwest side of the City-County Building.

For more information, contact Miranda Bachman by email at