Executive Director of Rolling Hills Zoo Announces Retirement

SALINE COUNTY – Bob Jenkins, Rolling Hills Zoo’s Executive Director, recently announced that he would be retiring from the Zoo and the zoo world at the end of October. “I’ve been thinking about it for a while,” shared Jenkins, “and after serious reflection it seemed like this was the right time to retire after 52 years in the zoo profession.”

In 2012, Jenkins was hired as Rolling Hills Zoo’s Executive Director. Prior to his move to Salina, Jenkins served as Director of Operations and Husbandry, as well as Director of External Affairs, at the San Francisco Zoo.

In reflecting upon his greatest accomplishments during his tenure at Rolling Hills Zoo, Jenkins commented, “the hires I have been fortunate to make over the last eight years are my biggest accomplishments. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, ‘I came for the animals and stayed for the people’. My time at Rolling Hills Zoo has been most enjoyable, and the challenges and opportunities are no different than any other large zoo across the country.”

Jenkins started his career in 1970 as an animal care specialist at Sea World of Ohio. He has spent his entire career in the public zoo and aquarium profession, with his experience being broadly based at the senior management level. During his career he has been responsible for overseeing expansions and renovations of installations, managed diverse staffing situations, supervised scientific research programs and projects as well as the creation and implementation of public programing. As a primary spokesperson for a variety of institutions, he has worked with the media as well as local, state and federal governments on a variety of issues, including national laws and regulations concerning conservation and wildlife projection.

“Rolling Hills Zoo’s Board of Directors is so grateful to Bob for his service and dedication to the continued growth of Rolling Hills Zoo over the past eight years,” shared Sandy Walker, Board President. “We wish him well in the future as he enjoys his well-deserved retirement.”

“While the search is taking place for a new Executive Director, RHZ’s Board has named Kathy Tolbert as the zoo’s Interim Director,” commented Walker. “Tolbert, who has served as RHZ’s Executive Director in the past, is well versed to lead the zoo forward during this transition. Following our search, we are looking forward to the arrival of our next executive director and the Zoo’s continued growth in the future.”