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2017 Medallion Quest Clues and Meanings Released

Eric Carlson holds up the Medallion he found Wednesday evening (Photo: Smoky Hill River Festival)

The clues to the 2017 Medallion Quest and their meanings have been released. The medallion was found Wednesday evening by Eric Carlson, 29, of Salina, off of East Cloud Street in the River Woods Nature Trail, Salina’s newest park. The medallion was lying on the ground at the base of a large oak tree.

Clues and their meanings:

  1. An interrupted flow – dike divides old Smoky Hill Channel
  2. Watch out below – Medallion is at ground level
  3. Bank on it – site is on channel bank
  4. Brake at Elm break – stop at broken elm tree
  5. Reverse Greeley – Horace Greeley’s adage “Go west young man” means go east
  6. BFF’s Challenge – bark, from Man’s Best Friend
  8. Horizontal among verticals – refers to fallen tree
  9. An elevated stroll – dike, west of site
  10. A shed covering – bark
  11. Shapely vapor terminus – east of Cloud St. end
  12. East of an 1803 entrant – east of Ohio, becoming a state in 1803 (medallion found following the release of this clue).
  13. Bad shin contact – bark, as in “I barked my shin”
  14. 83 + 59.5 down – signage on dike, go down
  15. 28 of 28 parks in Salina – this is the newest park
  16. Over one and through the other – “Over the river and through the woods,” River Woods Nature Area
  17. Log on, fall off – refers to log and bark on and off it
  18. Beyond Red’s course – east of Red Fox Lane
  19. Off the beaten path – site is off mud path (Clues 13 through 19 were not released during the quest).
Updated: June 1, 2017 — 7:16 pm


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