Temporary Signs Regulated By City

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SALINA – Because improper sign placement can create safety hazards, distract drivers, and become litter when abandoned, temporary signs are regulated by the City of Salina.

Temporary Sign Placement

  • Signs can be placed on private property with the owner’s permission.
  • Two temporary signs can be placed per lot, and an additional four signs can be placed per lot 45 days prior to a federal, state or local election or ballot issue that represents the district in which the property is located.
  • Temporary signs are limited to six feet in height or eight square feet of sign area.
  • Signs may not be placed on sidewalks or in right-of-ways (generally the area between the sidewalk and street).
  • If not sidewalk is present, signs should be placed a minimum of 10 feet back from the curb.
  • Signs may not be attached to trees or utility poles.
  • Signs may not be placed on any City owned property.

Sign removal

  • Temporary signs currently located in a public right-of-way must be removed as soon as possible.
  • City staff may remove any sign that is found in right-of-ways or other City owned property without notice.
  • On occasion, City staff will conduct sign sweeps and take all improperly placed signs to Sign Jail, located at the Carver Center, 315 N. 2nd. Signs may be picked up within three business days. Thereafter, they will be discarded.
  • If a complaint involving an improperly placed sign is received, City staff will attempt to contact the owner or organization responsible for the sign to advise them of the regulations and to remove the sign.
  • Reports to remove signs can be made online at www.salinaks.gov/311/request/add, by phone at 785-309-5715, or in person at
    300 W. Ash, Room 205. Once a report is made, City staff will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

To view the Temporary Sign Ordinance, visit www.salina-ks.gov, municipal code chapter 42-501-509. To view frequently asked questions, visit www.salina-ks.gov/signfaqs.

For further information, call the Community Development Services Department at 785-309-5715.

Updated: January 27, 2018 — 2:31 am

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