Student Brings Gun, Knife to Salina Elementary School

Photo: USD 305

On Friday morning, it was discovered that a student brought a gun and knife to school at Grace E. Stewart Elementary School, 2123 Roach.

According to a statement issued by USD 305 Public Information Director Jennifer Bradford-Vernon, the student brought the gun and knife not with the intention of harming anyone, but in response to a fake Facebook post the student believed to be true.

The gun and knife were immediately secured and police contacted. The student has been removed from school property. The investigation continues as Salina USD 305 is working closely with Salina Police.

“We hold safety and security of our students and staff as the highest priority,” Bradford-Vernon said.

Updated: February 23, 2018 — 2:01 pm


  1. This is so sad. If thats the truth i hope she doesn’t get in too much trouble. I am terrified to send my sons to school. I do not want them to feel like y are in prison but all schools need medal detectors and security. I think dogs would be nice too.

  2. How do the authorities know that the Facebook threat was a “fake”?? I am worried that the FB “threat” is the bigger issue here. Why would a 10 year old girl be so afraid of a FB post that she felt the need to protect herself at school ??? Hopefully this facet will be fully investigated.

  3. When do the police plan to install the metal detectors?

  4. The lack of transparency is ridiculous. I understand a degree for the safety of the kid and her family, but details are important. What kind of gun and knife was it? Was it loaded? This just proves how children with smartphones and social media can’t handle the responsibility of discerning troll posts, or read the news to know the updates on the threat. The schools initials aren’t even SHS! Regardless of the noble intent of her little vigilante stunt she ultimately put every kid in that school in more danger than not. She needs to be in therapy before returning to school, and her parents should be severely reprimanded for not securing their gun so poorly their 10 year old made it to school with it! National news for this BS.

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