Section of Magnolia Road To Close for Asphalt Work

Saline County officials have announced the closure of a county road to make way for asphalt work.

Magnolia Road from Markley Road to Kipp Road will be closed to through traffic starting Thursday morning, May 25th, to allow crews from APAC-Kansas, Inc., Shears Division to place an asphalt leveling course and overlay. Closing the road to through traffic, while admittedly an inconvenience to the traveling public, greatly enhances safety for the paving crews and the traveling public as well. In addition, there is the very important added benefit of more rapid completion and reopening of each section of road.

Motorists are advised to allow a few extra minutes of travel time to reach their destinations. Local and emergency traffic will be provided access to private residences and businesses within this section of closed road. The only times specific properties may not be accessible for a short period of time might be when work operations temporarily block a given driveway.

Saline County opened bids on the County Wide Hot-Mix Patching, Leveling and Surface Course, and Profile Milling project on March 8th. This project consists of leveling/overlaying Country Club Road from Simpson Road to Amos Road and leveling/overlaying Magnolia Road from the Salina city limits to Kipp Road. The Country Club Road portion of this project was completed earlier this spring. In addition, the project includes asphalt paving patching at various locations throughout Saline County. The low bidder was APAC-Kansas, Inc., Shears Division. They were awarded a contract for $1,333,495 by the Saline County Board of Commissioners on March 14th.

The work on Magnolia Road will begin at Markley Road and will proceed eastward toward Kipp Road. Work will be discontinued during wheat harvest.

Updated: May 24, 2017 — 6:27 pm

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