Saline County Food Establishment and Lodging Inspections, March 10-16, 2018

Food Establishment and Lodging Inspections conducted in Saline County by the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Division of Food Safety and Lodging from March 10 through March 16, 2018.

Food safety and lodging inspections are unannounced, and inspection results represent only those conditions found in the establishment at the time of the inspection.

Disclosure: Please remember that any inspection is a ‘snapshot’ of the day and time of the inspection. An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long-term cleanliness of an establishment. Also, at the time of the inspection, violations are recorded, but are often corrected on site prior to the inspector leaving the establishment.

Farmers & Ranchers Cafe, 1500 Old Highway 40 (March 13) Routine Inspection
– No violations.

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant, 671 S. Broadway Blvd. (March 12) Follow Up Inspection
– No violations.

Isis Shriners, 200 E. Diamond Dr. (March 13) Routine Inspection
– No violations.

Jalisco Mexican Restaurant, 2601 Market Pl. (March 13) Follow Up Inspection
– Facility will undercook eggs on lunch and vegetarian menu combo item #10. Their new menu has this disclosure, however, the old menus are still in use. Neither menu has the reminder next to eggs. Corrected on site: Consumer Advisory made for establishments undercooked eggs and posted at front counter. Repeat violation.
– No detectable sanitizer in mechanical ware-washer with dishware inside. Corrected on site: called for service and will wash in mechanical ware-washer, then moved to three vat sink and sanitize in 200-400 ppm Quaternary ammonia. Inspector checked Quaternary ammonia sanitizer at three vat sink, 300 ppm. The temperature of mechanical ware-washer is above data plate and may be causing evaporation of chlorine. Straight chlorine tests black or above 200 ppm from dispensing line, but no reading after dilution in tank. Repeat violation.
– Spray bottle of yellow liquid hanging on the sprayer of garbage disposal was not labeled with the common name. Corrected on site: labeled bleach. Repeat Violation.
– In the outside storage shed, a bottle of degreaser enzymes stored on a wire shelf next to and touching sleeves of foam cups. These cups were in their original plastic sleeves. No leakage observed. Corrected on site: moved chemicals to the floor. Repeat Violation.
– Notice of non-compliance issued. Follow up inspection scheduled.

La Jerezana, 1318 S. Santa Fe Ave. (March 13) Routine Inspection
– Open package of french fries from a fast food restaurant on shelf with a bag of flour. Corrected on site: moved and educated.
– Packages of raw bacon stored on a shelf above ready to eat cheese inside retail reach-in cooler. No leakage detected. Corrected on site: moved to bottom shelf.
– Made on site red and green sauces inside make table were not date marked. Corrected on site: dated March 11 to March 17.
– Made on site cooked pork and chili rellanos inside two door reach-in cooler not date marked. Corrected on site: dated March 10 to March 16.
– Cut cantaloupe inside make table dated February 28 to March 6. Corrected on site: voluntary destruction.
– The table top of the band saw used for cutting meat had dried on residue. Per person in charge, not used on day of inspection. Corrected on site: cleaned and sanitized in place.
– Personal medicine stored on shelf touching box of foil on storage rack. Corrected on site: moved medicine to personal area.

Relish, 344 N. 5th St. (March 16) First Operational Inspection After Licensing
– Open pint of heavy whipping cream not dated when opened. Corrected on site: date March 14 to March 20.

Taco Master, 2259 S. 9th St. Suite 148 (March 12) Follow Up Inspection
– Horchata inside walk-in cooler not dated when made. Corrected on site: dated March 10 to March 16. Repeat Violation.
– Notice of non-compliance issued. Follow up inspection scheduled.

Walmart #558, 2900 S. 9th St. (March 12) Follow Up Inspection
– Small variety of plain cheesecakes had temperature of 45 to 45.5 degrees F. Large variety of plain cheesecakes had temperatures of 48.8 degrees F. Single slices of plain and strawberry cheesecake had temperature of 44.2 to 47.2 degrees F. One package of two slice cheesecake had temperature of 44 degrees F. Ambient temperature of 34.2 degrees F inside bakery area cold case. Stocked night before inspection per person in charge. Corrected on site: coluntary destruction. Repeat Violation.
– Notice of non-compliance issued. Follow up inspection scheduled.

Updated: March 18, 2018 — 10:25 am

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