Saline County Food Establishment and Lodging Inspections, February 10-16, 2018

Food Establishment and Lodging Inspections conducted in Saline County by the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Division of Food Safety and Lodging from February 10 through February 16, 2018.

Food safety and lodging inspections are unannounced, and inspection results represent only those conditions found in the establishment at the time of the inspection.

Disclosure: Please remember that any inspection is a ‘snapshot’ of the day and time of the inspection. An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long-term cleanliness of an establishment. Also, at the time of the inspection, violations are recorded but are often corrected on site prior to the inspector leaving the establishment.

Airliner Motel, 781 N. Broadway Blvd. (February 13) Modified Complaint Inspection
– Attempted to inspect Room 16 for sewer gas odor. Tenant would not let owner and inspector inside. No odor noticed.

Best Western Midwest Inn & Suites, 745 W. Schilling Rd. (February 15) Routine Inspection
– Case of raw shell eggs had temperature of 51 degrees F. Had been on kitchen counter top since approximately 6 a.m. on day of inspection. Corrected on site: moved back to reach-in cooler.
– Out of shell pooled eggs had temperature of 64 degrees F. Had been been on kitchen counter top since approximately 6 a.m. on day of inspection. Corrected on site: used out and/or disposed of at end of breakfast at 10 a.m. on day of inspection.
– No hand drying provisions available at kitchen hand washing sink or the hand washing sink in the breakfast bar area. Corrected on site: supplied each sink with roll of paper towels (second repeat violation).
– Sunscreen, eye drops, hairspray, facial toilettes and deodorant were stored on shelf above chips and snacks in retail area. Corrected on site: moved items to bottom shelf (repeat violation).

Braum’s Ice Cream #206, 1800 W. Crawford St. (February 14) Routine Inspection
– Two cartons of raw shell eggs stored setting on top of case of pasteurized eggs inside walk-in cooler. Corrected on site: moved raw shell eggs to bottom of another shelf.

Chili’s Bar & Grill, 2255 S. 9th St. (February 14) Routine Inspection
– Dishwasher loaded dishwasher with dirty dishware, then unloaded clean dishware without washing hands between dirty and clean. Corrected on site: hands and handled dishware washed, employee educated.
– Slice of commercially prepared cheesecake inside upright reach-in cooler on south wall of prep area was not date marked and it was unknown when opened. Corrected on site: voluntary destruction.
– Stored as clean nested plastic containers had old date mark stickers on exterior of container. Corrected on site: moved to ware washing to be cleaned.

Lonestar Store #23, 100 N. Broadway Blvd. (February 15) Routine Inspection
– Lowe’s bucket filled with gray pellets in back room was not labeled with common name. Corrected on site: labeled cat litter.

Rolling Hills Zoo, 625 N. Hedville Rd. (February 14) Routine Inspection
– Two inch stainless steam table pan stored as clean had dried on food debris on the food contact surface. Corrected on site: moved to ware washing.
– Wet wiping cloth stored inside sanitizing vat of three compartment sink had a concentration greater than 200 ppm chlorine. Corrected on site: diluted to 200 ppm chlorine.

Seraphim Bread, 228C S. Santa Fe Ave. (February 14) First Operational Inspection After Licensing
– Open containers of milk over 24 hours old did not have a date mark. Corrected on site: owner was able to identify the date opened.

Sleep Inn & Suites, 3932 S. 9th St. (February 14) Routine Inspection
– No violations.

Updated: February 19, 2018 — 10:20 am

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