Saline County Food Establishment and Lodging Inspections, April 8-14, 2017

Food Establishment and Lodging Inspections conducted in Saline County by the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Division of Food Safety and Lodging from April 8 through April 14, 2017.

Food safety and lodging inspections are unannounced, and inspection results represent only those conditions found in the establishment at the time of the inspection.

Econolodge, 636 Westport Blvd. (April 13) Licensing Inspection
– No test strips available for quaternary ammonia sanitizer used for warewashing.
– Open gallon of milk inside breakfast area reach-in cooler without date mark. Per person in charge, unknown when opened Corrected on site: voluntary destruction.
– Washed apples for self service on breakfast bar not protected from contamination with cover or sneeze guard. Corrected o site: removed apples from self service.
– Interior of 3 vat sink basins covered in stains and debris.
– No thermometer inside white Whirlpool or breakfast area stainless Whirlpool reach-in coolers.
– No handwashing sink available for food prep area. Will use right compartment of 3 vat sink for next 10 days following inspection or less until a handwashing sink is installed. 3 vat sink is to be cleaned and sanitized prior to warewashing dishware.
– Various laundry chemicals stored on shelf above 3 vat sink. Corrected on site: moved chemical to other side of shelf.
– Washed apples for self service on breakfast bar not provided with serving utensil. Corrected on site: removed apples from self service.
– No food thermometer available.
– No mop sink available.
– Waffle batter inside ice dispenser is 60 degrees F at 8:40 a.m. day of inspection. Per clerk, put out at 6:00 a.m.. Corrected in site: disposed at end of breakfast.
– Clean dishware dried on top of a cloth towel.
– Notice of non-compliance issued. Follow up inspection scheduled for April 24.

McDonalds of Salina, 1100 E. Crawford St. (April 11) Complaint Inspection
– Wet mop head stored inside mop basin inside cleaning closet.
– Real stick type butter setting on counter in biscuit area is 84 degrees F. Per person in charge, has been out since approximately 8:30 a.m. on day of inspection. Temperature taken at 10:50 a.m. Corrected on site: moved to walk-in cooler to quick chill.
– Interior divider of ice machine has accumulation of mold.
– No thermometer inside breakfast, K3, or front drive thru reach-in coolers.
– No detectable sanitizer in wipng cloth storage bucket at front register area.
– Drain of pop machine has been moved outside of drain and leaking onto the floor. Corrected on site: moving back into floor drain.
– Plastic hamburger pans stored as clean are nested together with water between pans.
– Dishwasher rinses debris from dishware, washes in soap and water then put immediately into sanitizer. Corrected on site: educated to prewash, wash in soap, rinse in clean, sanitize per labeled directions and air dry.

Updated: April 15, 2017 — 12:20 pm

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