Saline County Food Establishment and Lodging Inspections, April 22-28, 2017

Food Establishment and Lodging Inspections conducted in Saline County by the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Division of Food Safety and Lodging from April 22 through April 28, 2017.

Food safety and lodging inspections are unannounced, and inspection results represent only those conditions found in the establishment at the time of the inspection.

24/7 Travel Center, 671 Westport Blvd. (April 24) Routine Inspection
– OxiWash cleaner stored on shelf above plastic single use utensils and ziploc bags. Corrected on site: moved cleaner to bottom shelf.
– Laundry bags on racks stored in front of handwashing sink in warewashing room. Corrected on site: laundry racks moved.

Art Center Cinema, 150 S. Santa Fe Ave. (April 25) Routine Inspection
– No Violations.

EconoLodge Salina, 636 Westport Blvd. (April 24) Follow Up Inspection
– No Violations.

Frito-Lay, 442 N. 9th St. (April 24) FDA Contract
– No Violations.

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant, 671 S. Broadway Blvd. (April 24) Complaint Inspection
– Small plastic container without handle stored inside bin of corn starch. Corrected on site: removed from corn starch.
– East side of wall between stove and front counter covered in grease and dust.
– Floor covered in debris in carbonation area.
– Tubes of caulking stored on shelf above case of chopsticks at front counter area storage. Corrected on site: moved chopsticks to single service goods rack.
– Bus tubs stored as clean have a white residue on the outside. Corrected on site: moved to warewashing to be cleaned.
– Stainless steel pans stored as clean on dish rack were nested together with water between pans.
– Personal raw sausage and bacon stored on shelf above ready to eat chicken pieces inside walk-in cooler. Corrected on site: moved raw personal foods to bottom shelf of another rack.
– Bottom rim on #10 can of water chestnuts is crushed and can bottom springs to touch. Corrected on site: removed from rack for return to vendor.
– Bus tubs of cooked chicken setting directly on floor inside walk-in cooler.
– Stainless steel prep table in back area has standing water on bottom shelf with clean equipment.
– Personal items are throughout the kitchen.
– Toiletries on table by warming oven.
– Cell phones on prep tables.
– Jacket on boxed food in back room.
– Chicken pieces inside upright reach-in cooler not date marked. Per person in charge, chicken pieces were made Saturday, April 22. Corrected on site: dated as made on April 22.

Isaacson Concessions Popcorn/Nuts Stand, 38 N. 190th St. (April 22) Follow Up Inspection
– No Violations.

Joe’s Little Nut Company, 115 E. Minneapolis Ave. (April 22) Routine Inspection
– Large containers of almonds and pecans sitting on the ground.

Little Caesars, 645 E. Crawford St. (April 26) Routine Inspection
– Three vat sprayer was hanging below flood rim of the sink basin. Corrected on site: hung sprayer on hook above flood rim.
– Broken lid to dough machine was taped together with duct tape. Corrected on site: replaced with new lid.

Papa John’s Pizza, 1650 S. Ohio St. (April 25) Routine Inspection
– Employee wearing nail polish was making pizza with bare hands. Corrected on site: educated and discontinued making pizza.
– Case of single service plates setting directly on floor under a fire extinguisher.
– Spray bottle labeled as sanitizer hanging on shelf above food prep table across from warewashing sink. Corrected on site: moved sanitizer to chemical storage.

Rod’s #8, 2140 W. Crawford St. (April 24) Routine Inspection
– Drain line of 3 vat sink not connected to main drain and draining onto floor in warewashing area.
– No test strips available for quaternary ammonia.
– Lid of roller grill cover is taped together where hinge is cracked. Corrected on site: removed from use.
– Case of of chips setting directly on floor in northeast small storage room.
– Open packages of hotdogs, sausages and taquitos inside west walk-in cooler not dated when opened. Corrected on site: dated as opened on April 19.
– Notice of non-compliance issued.

Rod’s Total #2, 1339 N. 9th St. (April 26) Routine Inspection
– No Violations.

Starbucks, 2315 S. 9th St. (April 26) Routine Inspection
– Square plastic containers nested together on dish drying rack with water between containers.

Valero, 848 N. Broadway Blvd. (April 24) Routine Inspection
– No hand drying provisions available at toilet room handwashing sink. Corrected on site: supplied paper towels.
– Case of sunflower seeds setting directly on floor next to 3 vat sink.
– Interior divider of ice machine has accumulation of mold.
– Liquid lighter fluid stored above energy drinks on shelf behind front counter. Corrected on site: moved energy drinks.
– Commerically packaged popcorn per person in charge is not labeled for individual sale. No common name, ingredients, weight, or business information. Corrected on site: person in charge: removed from sale.
– Two sticky traps with dead roaches inside cabinet under slush machine. Corrected on site: removed traps and disposed.
– Raw shell eggs stored above ready to eat cheese sticks. Corrected on site: moved eggs to bottom shelf next to, but not touching cheese sticks.
– Light above Pepsi machine not shielded or protected.

Updated: April 29, 2017 — 3:46 pm

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