Salina’s New Field House Nearing Completion

The Salina Field House is nearing completion.

Steve Hardesty, with Salina Parks and Recreation, says the Field House, which is located at the corner of 5th and Ash Streets, will look a lot different, inside and out, over the coming weeks.

Inside the Field House, work is coming along. Construction is nearly complete on one of two large gyms. The color scheme is laid out. The flooring is being prepared for installation.

The first gym, located on the east side of the building, will accommodate basketball, volleyball, and just about any other sport.

“In this project, we are looking to the future. Features being built now, will adapt to what is needed later,” Hardesty said.

This includes equipment for a sport, such as basketball goals and volleyball nets, that can be raised to the ceiling for future use, at the touch of a button. “It’s all done electronically,” adds Hardesty.

Because of this, sports of all kinds can be brought in. This includes gymnastics, martial arts, cheer and dance, and even futsal.

That’s only Gym #1.

Gym #2, located on the North side of the building, will be able to accommodate much of the same, with the addition of soccer.

Disc golf and drones are something that can also be adapted in.

The only thing that is noticeably missing is bleachers.

“Those are being brought in, over the next two weeks,” Hardesty said. “The cool thing is that they are movable and retractable. The building is adaptable for what will be going on.”

In between both gyms is the lobby and concourse area.

A concession stand will be available next to a meeting area. There, coaches, teams, and officials can talk business.

Outside the Field House, landscaping will be started soon. The circle drive will accommodate drop offs, and there will be plenty of parking for whatever event is happening.

The Field House has a primary target of giving grade school kids, middle school and high school, a place to play their sport. However, any age will be able to use the facility.

Updated: May 19, 2017 — 6:30 am


  1. Responsible reporting

    A field house for athletics; volleyball, basketball, and many others, yet no locker rooms. How practical. My personal fav was last week’s press release of the first two events scheduled, which turned out to be bogus events like the first annual Salina something or another. Have any promoters or legitimate events shown interest in using the facility or even contacted anyone to inquire?

  2. What about parking? And who approved the “design”?

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