“Rolling Closure” of Section of Water Well Road Begins Wednesday Morning

SALINE COUNTY – There will be a “rolling closure” of Water Well Road from Centennial Road west to Burma Road beginning Wednesday morning, January 31, to permit APAC-Kansas, Inc., Shears Division, to place and compact aggregate shoulder surfacing.

“Rolling closure” means that only a short segment of the designated section of road will be closed at any given time. After it is completed, that segment will be reopened and the next segment closed and so on as the work progresses. It is anticipated that the project will take two working days to complete. THE ROAD CLOSURE WILL BE ONLY BETWEEN 8 A.M. AND 4 P.M. EACH DAY. THE ROAD WILL BE REOPENED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC EACH EVENING AND REMAIN SO UNTIL 8 A.M. THE NEXT MORNING.

The aggregate surfacing is being placed to supplement the existing aggregate which was placed a couple of years ago. This surfacing will help extend the life of the pavement and, more importantly, add a measure of safety for the traveling public. Shouldering allows an opportunity for a driver to correct his/her steering in the event their passenger-side tires leave the edge of the pavement.

Owners of land along Water Well Road from Centennial Road west to Burma Road will still be permitted to access their properties. However, delays should be anticipated if there are conflicts between the on-going work zone and access to a specific property.

Saline County opened bids on Project No. 16-5346 “Aggregate Shoulder Construction” on March 9, 2017. The low bidder on the project

Updated: January 30, 2018 — 6:31 pm

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