Peace of Mind, Finding Answers Among Goals of Local Paranormal Group

A local paranormal investigation group say they want to help people find answers and just give them some peace of mind.

This goal is shared by all the members of Central Kansas Paranormal Group, who came together just over four years ago to search for the unknown inside various private residents and commercial buildings.

The group was co-founded in August of 2013 by friends Adam Barkley, Salina, and James Thomas, Hays, who decided it would be something fun to do together. Thomas had never done anything like that before, but soon after his first investigation with Barkley, he was fascinated with it.

Since then, the team has grown to include several more members: Amber Clinton, McPherson, Melani Gumm, McPherson, Amanda Latham, Salina, Derek Wade, Cambridge, Beth Wade, Cambridge, Lana Medina, Bison, Renee Koehn, Hays, and Kim Craigmyle, Lyons.

“We just want to give the owner of private homes and even commercial businesses some peace of mind and give them some answers,” said Thomas. “With each investigation, we want to prove if there is paranormal activity or not.”

In Saline County, the group has already investigated several locations including the Masonic Temple, Central Kansas Flywheels, Coronado Heights and Gypsum Hill Cemetery. The group has also conducted investigations at locations throughout the state of Kansas and has traveled as far as Indiana in search of the paranormal.

During their investigations, they will look for such things as apparitions, shadow people and electrical voice phenomenon. Several pieces of equipment will be used by the team including such things as night vision cameras, digital audio recorders, motion detector laser grid, a ghost box and a K2 meter, all of which are designed to detect abnormal activity.

The group says they have encountered many ghostly things during their investigations. “My brother’s presence has been there nearly everytime,” said Gumm. “I’ve seen his face and his ball cap.” During the course of another investigation, an SLS camera picked up slight physical movement in an unoccupied chair. They’ve seen orbs, had meter readings, and found unexplained cold spots. Many of these investigations and their findings have been documented on their YouTube Channel as well.

Upcoming investigations, which are done free of charge, will take them to across Kansas to places in Hoxie, Lyons and Beaumont and another trip will take them all the way to Hartford City, Indiana.

“I have always been into learning the field and becoming a better investigator,” said Barkley. “Communication really is very interesting and I love helping people in need with paranormal cases.”

If you have any possible paranormal activity that you would like investigated, visit the Central Kansas Paranormal Activity website at or visit them on Facebook by clicking here or clicking here.

Updated: February 15, 2018 — 1:08 pm

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